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In this book a scientifically-trained social historian summarises and integrates the discoveries in human evolution sciences of the last two decades, and explains how global climate change 12,000 years ago – long after human genes had stabilised – caused a radical cultural adaptation. It cites the primary research literature to explain:

  • how the pulsed climate variability of the Rift Valley, and subsequent wanderings in Africa, created our human genes;
  • how tool and speech use changed the course of natural selection;
  • why the human brain tripled in size over 2 million years;
  • how the Neolithic revolution gave rise to property, hierarchical culture and social inequality;
  • how democratic reformers, such as the US ‘founding fathers’, avoided conflicts between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’;
  • why democratic governments have deviated from their founders’ ideals;
  • how and why humanity will return to representative democratic government.

Hugh Small is the author of commercially-published works on the rise of the welfare state, specifically Victorian public health reform. He is a visiting lecturer on Social Determinants of Health at University College London. Whether one agrees with his interpretation of history or not, this short monograph is a good guide to the primary literature as a glance at the endnote references will confirm.

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To the extent possible under law,
Hugh Small

has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to The Internet of Human Brains.
This work is published from the United Kingdom.

Check the availability of a low-cost printed version on Amazon: ISBN 978-0-9572797-4-2 .

You can also read it as an e-book on the Internet Archive.


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